Northamptonshire Pilates: Classes & One-to-One Sessions

A session will begin with a short warm-up, and end with a cool-down. The main bulk of the session will take place lying on a mat. Some exercises are designed for lying on your back, some on your side, and some on your front, so that each muscle is activated correctly. I also add stretches to my sessions to enable muscle lengthening, and improve joint mobility.

Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and socks.

At present due to the pandemic it is a governing body requirement that all participants bring and take home their own Pilates mats and headrests (a headrest can be a folded hand towel). Participants have a responsibility to ensure that these are thoroughly cleaned in between sessions.

I am selling Pilates mats at £10 each. These are lightweight, and thick (10mm) to ensure comfort when lying down. They come with a carrying strap. Headrest are £8 each, however a folded hand towel would be a perfectly acceptable alternative. Any purchases will be given to you at your first Pilates session.


Classes run in 5 week courses on Wednesdays, and each class lasts an hour, starting at 5.45pm.
They are run at the Finedon Community Centre, 71 Wellingborough Road, Finedon, NN9 5LG.

Further locations coming soon!

One-to-One Pilates Sessions

One-to-One Pilates sessions are 50 minutes long and are held in my clinic at the Oxford Street Therapy Centre (see our Contact Us page for location info).

Please see our Prices page for cost info.

To book please email to

Looking forward to seeing you!