Welcome to Northamptonshire Physio Clinic! I offer an exceptional Physiotherapy service in Wellingborough within a friendly and relaxed environment.

Whether you have a sports injury, a condition that has developed gradually, long-term aches and pains, or post-surgical issues; I shall listen to your individual needs and devise a bespoke tailored treatment plan to get you to recovery as soon as possible.

Using my broad and versatile skill-set, I can treat any musculoskeletal problem from back and neck, to feet and hands. No injury is too small. If it niggles then I can treat it!

Northamptonshire Pilates:

I offer Pilates one-to-one sessions and group classes in and around Wellingborough. These are led by a Physiotherapist who has a Pilates Instructor qualification. Pilates focuses on core, back, neck, and pelvic strength, which are essential for efficiency in all movement.

Getting you back to doing what you love as soon as possible is our focus!!